Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Generosity and More When In Rome

Further to my previous When in Rome post, the decision of figure manufacturer has been made and an order went buzzing it's way through the ether to Aventine Miniatures for some of their sweet little Republican Romans, woo hoo! Now I cant say that these would be a natural choice for me as I usually like thinner classically sculpted figures rather than chunky style but there is something about the sculpts that just seem right for some bruising legionary action, beefy men ready to take the smelly hordes of Gaul, sneaky Carthaginians and the treacherous Greeks.



Mounted Officers, cant wait to see mine painted
Clik on the pictures for superior viewing quality. All pictures lifted from the Aventine Miniatures web site, couldn't help it I had to show off. If you like em too then go here

I also mentioned that I will be giving Impetus a whirl for my first fory into the BGP (before gun powder) gaming and this is where the generosity part comes in, the Impetus publishers were closed for the summer hol's and I hadn't got around to ordering the rules and I made mention of this fact. Well knock me over with a Rolf Harris wobble board if a chap didn't offer me his set for the very reasonable price of bugger all (ie gratis), more staggering is when the post arrived it also had four of the supplements included! Not being home at the moment (work away from home) I have yet to clap eyes on this very generous offer, but it does go to show that there are some very decent chaps around and a very heartfelt thank you to Dave for his generosity.

My researches as far as the two Opreys and the WRG book are concerned have paid off and I believe I was able to correctly caption the above photo's without resorting to going back to the Aventine site to check, OK the officers photo was as given but I'm claiming some credit for the other two  ;-)

That's it for now as far as the Roman thingy goes, navel gazing as to who or what we are as War Gamers is not far from my thoughts and my philosophical dribblings on the subject have nearly reached full fermentation, another installment to follow shortly.

salut from home base Viscous


  1. good one Vicous!

    Rebasing my republicans at the moment for impetus, keep a eye out on my ancient blogs Storm and Conquest!


  2. Will do Matt, I have been scouring Tarty's Tin also for basing tips. I'm actualy looking forward to getting home reading the rules etc and waiting for the mailman to deliver the shiny.