Thursday, October 10, 2013

When In Rome Project: figures have arrived

Well after what seemed like a lifetime my Aventine Miniatures republican Romans have landed at HBV, they were well worth the wait. Scenes of pandemonium as shreds of envelope and wrapping littered the lounge room floor to reveal a couple of packets of velite, triarii, cavalry and officers, more than enough to be getting on with. The officers and cavalry were duly repackaged and posted off to the painter bloke for a proper paint and a pair of velite's and triarii have been undergoing the torture which is my painting. So like a new Poppa I just had to share some photo's.

Some early stage WIP photo's, dodgy camera work but the basics are convincing enough. Click the photo's.


  1. Their a solid looking bunch...wonderful stuff Sidders.

  2. Love the bronze color you have going there. Can you share your paint plan?